Nicholas Constant

When I was 16, I decided to leave school to pursue photography, and I’m currently studying at the Royal College of Art. From my graduate work, I managed to have my work published in Source magazine, as part of its graduate competition. I also had my work shown at Brighton’s Cream 15 exhibition and most recently won the Magnum Graduate Photographers Award 2016, which entailed me showing and talking through my work at Photo London this year.

Big Ben - Of Time

People from across the world take their picture beside Big Ben to signify their time here. This series of images attempts to capture how time passes despite the landmark remaining motionlessness. I shot over two weeks at as many variable times as I could, and then arranged the images in a sequence from first to last. I took the photographs on a large format camera, which allows me to produce nonintrusive imagery which will feel strangely familiar.

Click on the blue pin to see where the image was taken