Chloe Newman

I’m mainly a fashion, music and still life photographer. I studied photography at LCC, University of the Arts London, and graduated two years ago.
I’ve always been a visually creative person – I think what drew me to photography was the freedom of expressing what you see, or want people to see. I love how you can photograph anything and if it doesn’t exist you can create it and photograph it into existence.
London has contributed so much to my photography, especially the youth culture – the music/fashion is so original here. I’m proud to have lived in South London all my life, but London is so big – and always changing – that I’m still finding new places I haven’t been to.
I like to be experimental and fearless about trying different things with my photography, so my vision can be quite dualistic. I like things that clash.

London Eye - Eye Colours

Growing up in London, I’ve always found The London Eye to be such a big tourist attraction from when it first opened. I wanted to photograph it from a perspective or environment we wouldn’t usually see it in, such as a jungle or desert environment or maybe way up in the clouds.
I love the height of the landmark. When you’re in one of the pods, the feeling is similar to how you feel looking out of a plane window and seeing clouds. I wanted to emulate that sensation with some of these images.
I always look forward to seeing when the Eye’s lights have changed colour, so I wanted to experiment with that further in these images. What would it look like if the pods and even the metal structure itself were forever changing colour throughout the day like fibre optics?

Click on the blue pin to see where the image was taken