Ben Shmulevitch

I’ve been taking photographs since my early teens and recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art. Much of what I do is editorial and travel photography, and I've been lucky to travel to some amazing cities around the world. What makes London different is that it is more like a bunch cities glued together than one big city. The change in atmosphere, architecture and people from borough to borough is remarkable; London’s diversity of character is its greatest asset.

Buckingham Palace - Seeing the Sightseers

You see a range of behaviours at a famous spot like Buckingham Palace. Some quickly take a snap on their phone and move on, whilst some spend more time to get the perfect self-portrait with varying degrees of excitement. It’s perhaps too familiar to be of interest to most Londoners, but by observing how people interact with it, we are reminded that some people may not have seen anything like it in their home cities across the globe.

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