Photography Tips

Technique and equipment are nothing without a worthy subject. Read what some of our contributors had to say about making the most of your image.

1. Shoot bravely

“Be confident! Be brave in where and who you shoot. There’s no point missing out on an opportunity because you fear asking to go somewhere or shoot someone.” – Juliette Carton

2. Photograph what you love

“Shoot what you are interested in – this means you’ll never mind putting in extra time and effort. And always check your composition before you shoot, as a slight movement can change the agenda of your picture dramatically.” – Nicholas Constant

3. Don’t stop until you get the shot

“Always get as many angles as you can. If you see something awesome and worth shooting, find as many perspectives as possible. The more shots you take, the more options you give yourself.” – Lamarr Golding

Best Views

Architectural diversity and multi-culturalism make London ideal for image-making. Read on to get some ideas of where to find the best viewpoints from up-and-coming photographers.

The graffiti of Shoreditch and Brick Lane

“I love the graffiti on the walls around Shoreditch and Brick Lane. There’s always new street art that has been created, so it’s as if you’re visiting for the first time again. The colours are always so bold- it’s a real part of British culture and makes the buildings look more alive.” – Chloe Newman

The heights of central London

“If I had the chance to photograph anywhere, it'd have to be from the top of the Heron Tower. The view would capture central London's highest skyscrapers, bundled together in one place. I also don't often see photos from that view.” – Lamarr Golding

The Underground

“If I could pick any spot to photograph London, it would be on the Underground between Tower Gateway and Limehouse; from the financial district of Canary Wharf to the diverse and changing face of East London. During the golden hour, as the sun is setting, you see everyone going home after work, and that's when you see the beauty and diversity of this city.” – Tatenda Ubuntu